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Radio Interview with Lisa Hellemn, Music Director

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Each Thursday, KWVA 88.1 Radio, presents The Group W Bench Show hosted by Pee Wee.  On Thursday, November 17, Lisa Hellemn, Soromundiā€™s Music Director was invited to do a live broadcast interview.  Prior to and after the interview, Pee Wee played several tracks from Soromundiā€™s last album, ā€œLove, Rescue Meā€, including Let It Be, Bridge over Troubled Water, and Love, Rescue Me.

During the 20-minute interview Lisa and Pee Wee talked about the rich history of the chorus and where the chorus is today.  Pee Wee also announced the chorusā€™s performance at the Holiday Market and the new album that will be released soon.

If you didnā€™t get a chance to tune into, or live stream the interview, you can listen here.  Enjoy!