30 Years Strong

90+ Members

ASL interpreted

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Our Mission

Soromundi comes together in song to create a visible expression of lesbian pride. We strive for musical excellence and embrace our commonalities and differences. Through the power of music and inclusion we effect positive change in our community.


A Message from Soromundi’s Board and Director:

Soromundi stands with protestors around the country and the globe in demanding racial justice and the dismantling of systemic racism.  We support efforts to eliminate individual and structural violence and discrimination against Black people and all people of color.  In this stance we recognize that as a majority white organization we must do our own work in combatting racism and providing a truly welcoming environment for people of color.  To this end Soromundi has committed to making education about racism and anti-racism an immediate goal and part of our plan of action for the chorus.  We are determined to be allies in this struggle.  Black Lives Matter!