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Initiatives Launched to Foster Community and Connection

For Soromundi members, this is the time of year we would normally be gathering for our first rehearsals of the new season. It’s usually an exciting time, when we reconnect with other chorus members and begin learning new music. We will miss that this year.

Many Mundis have been working behind the scenes to plan safe ways for us to start a new season. It won’t be anything like what we’re used to, and we will need to do a lot of adapting. But Soromundi is a strong organization with many dedicated members, and we will make the best season we can within the constraints of an ongoing pandemic.

The Marketing Committee is planning several initiatives that we hope will bring together Mundis past and present and help us to nurture a sense of community during challenging times:

Newsletter: Soromundi News offers regular updates on news and events for our members and the broader Mundi community, as well as outreach to new members, donors, and sponsors. We plan to publish quarterly this year, so look forward to more issues to come!

Website and Blog: Our updated website provides media and sponsorship information, as well as a members-only area. You can sign up to receive the newsletter and check out current news updates on the blog. Check it out at

30-year Retrospective: This multi-faceted project is our major endeavor for this year. We are currently developing a detailed historical timeline of photos, videos, and events from the past three decades of singing together. We are also planning to record oral histories during virtual get togethers to reminisce about our history as a chorus. Stay tuned for more on how you can get involved!

We have all experienced the loss of contact with friends, family members, and community due to the pandemic. We hope these offerings will help us celebrate our history and help us all feel a little more connected as we navigate the year ahead.

—The Marketing Committee